FOR FISH LOVERS. I’m a Norwegian. All we eat (ate) is fish and potatoes!

  1. Fishtag
  2. Fish Cheeks (yummm)
  3. The Mermaid inn

VEGETARIANS – watch out! 

  • NIX (Litt pricy, har nettopp fått ei stjerne)
  • Salad-on-the-go? SWEET GREEN - google it, they are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

BIRD FIESTA. We like our chicken moist, don't we?

  1. WYTHE HOTEL I drank a couple of beers before ordering the chicken on their menu, but oh moist(!) this was great! Wythe Hotel is actually an old factory on the Williamsburg waterfront. Eat. Drink. And bring the dessert to the roof top.
  1. THE MILLING ROOM I was on a date, drunk on love, but this chicken was just fantastic. The ROAST FARM CHICKEN with Celery Root Puree, Wild Mushrooms and Madeira Jus is highly recommended.
  1. POULETTE This place is not the biggest or the warmest (you can always order online) – but yam! Poulette is a French-inspired rotisserie chicken experience. Both me and my Greek boyfriend are grateful for this recent addition to the UWS!

INSTAGRAM FRIENDLY TACO LOVE – photograph your food!

Tacombi – Nice vibe. Specially during summertime. And very Instagram-friendly.

Playa Bettys nice buckets of Coronas and very Instagram-friendly, but hasn't impressed me last time Ive been there. Sorrey!

YUMMY GREEK FOOD. My man is Greek. So is my appetite!

100 % MOUTHWATERING – these are my All Time Faves: 

Korean BBQ Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong – for meat lovers

Tuome NYC trendy and organic

PINCH – if you love dumplings as much as I do <3

Peking Duck House – if you crave duck and want to eat the whole bird

DATE ALERT!! More food for you – restaurants my boyfriend and I really enjoyed:

Raouls (french)

Jin fong (dum sum, uws and chinatown)

Snack (greek)

Mekong (in Brooklyn)

Palma (italian)

Le turtle (french)

Upland (american)

La esquina (tacos, upstairs)

Saxon and parole (american)

Bar primi (italian)

Abcv (brunch)

Jacobs pickles (brunch)

Buvette (breakfast, brunch)

Red rooster (southern, harlem)


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